Almond Pancakes for PANCAKE day :)

Almond Pancakes for PANCAKE day :)
Happy Pancake day everyone!!
Almond pancakes are a fantastic way to nourish yourself and surprisingly they have many added benefits to your health & well being.
Why almonds?
High in Vitamin E – used to build cell membranes, protect DNA and against cell damage
High in anti-oxidants to protect against free radicals
Important for skin health & a youthful glow
Reduces the risk of ❤️ disease, cancer & Alzheimer’s
High in fibre promoting elimination of waste
High in protein, essential to muscle function, renewing cells, immune health and so on and on
High in healthy fats, increasing satiety, supporting hormonal health, mood, brain health, reducing over eating and so much more
Rich in magnesium which may help manage blood sugar balance leading to reduced cravings, reduces overeating, can lower high blood pressure, can lower LDL cholesterol, promoting better sleep
The perfect ☯️ meal to nourish your love of real food.
Adding even more colourful fruits as toppings will increase your nutrient intake and make this an even more satisfying and wholesome meal.

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