How can

I support you?

Common symptoms support clients with:

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Painful, Heavy or Irregular Periods

  • Preconception & Fertlity

  • Pregnancy

  • Postnatal Health

  • Gut & Digestive problems

  • Hormonal Health

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Unwanted Weight Gain

  • Energy, Mood, Anxiety Issues

My Ethos

We are all biochemically individual and there is not a “One Size Fits All” prescription when it comes to finding true health. Health for me, means being happy and having the energy to enjoy your life.

In our modern world we often fail to listen to our body’s messages when we are in dis-ease. Instead we might take a pill, to turn off the pain and there can be a disconnect between our body and our brain.

If we take the time to listen to our bodies, acknowledge the signs and symptoms, treat ourselves well and provide the body with the nourishment it requires, we can enable healing.

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Non-diet approach to health


I work with a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach, combined with functional medicine methods to uncover underlining root causes.

In addition, I will support and encourage you to rediscover your own intuitive eating skills, allowing you the space and time to understand how certain foods and eating behaviours can serve your body well, and other behaviours and foods may negatively affect you.

This practice allows healing from within, without going on a diet. Wow!!! Healthy and not dieting…. Radical idea I know.

While I am happy to work with clients who would like to lose body fat, I will always work on healing from the inside out, without focusing on weight loss as a goal. Focusing on weight loss solely can be detrimental to overall wellness and prevent us from really listening to our body needs. I encourage clients to find their true health in other areas such as energy, sleep, mood, physical activities, memory and concentration, digestive functions and others that are relevant to your story. When working with me, you will get plenty of opportunities through both mindful and written exercises to tune in to your mind and body.

Together we will gently work through eating behaviours, emotional needs, nutrition, body movement, barriers to changing and reducing stress, among other things that might come up in sessions.

Diets set us up for feeling deprived - the feeling of "I can't have"

Don’t let the number on a scale define your self-worth!

You are good enough the way you are.

Don’t put your life on hold, until you reach the “ideal” weight. Do it today.

Live your life. There is no perfect weight…

Eating Freely - Senior Nutritional Therapist

In addition to running my own busy clinic, I am proud to work as a Senior Nutritional Therapist with ‘Eating Freely’.
“Eating Freely” is a 12 week 1:1 programme for emotional eating and binge eating disorder. The structured programme is both personal and comprehensive, developed by leading psychotherapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Emma Murphy.
Emma has worked with women and men for over 10 years who struggle with food, weight and their body image, especially those with disordered eating.

eating freely

The program is based on the Three ‘F’s :

Feed Yourself Properly;

Forgive Yourself Quickly; and

Focus on Health & Wellbeing, not weight loss, as the goal.

For more information on the Eating Freely programme please get in touch or visit the Eating Freely website

What to expect?

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Before the first consultation, I ask that you complete some health questionnaires to get a better understanding of your current lifestyle, health history, symptoms, possible triggers, mediators and so on.

The first session is a fact finding mission, to learn more about you, your goals, beliefs around food, limitations and any barriers in your way.
Together we will review your pre-consultation questionnaire. I help you to understand the relationship between your symptoms, food, lifestyle and health history. We then decide on what the first steps to getting you well will be and formulate some goals to work on.
These goals will be based on what resonates with you, as your priority.
At all times you are in control of your path to better health.

The first goals will often be related to things you might be able to implement relatively easily with the right support.

Sessions are client led, allowing you to change your goals or your focus if you feel you need to, as and when situations might change or come up for you to explore.

Find out what it feels like to be truly happy, energised and healthy

Let me support you to uncover the root cause of symptoms and enable you to feel fantastic.
Health is not a body measurement.

What you learn and implement on my 1:1 programmes will serve for your long-term health, not just for a life event.

With the right support and education your will be able to make informed choices, ignore fad diets and eat food you enjoy and you know that it serves your whole body and mind well

Let me help you to ‘Nourish not Punish’ your body

Functional Testing

For chronic conditions or lingering symptoms, my motto is

"Test, Don’t Guess!"

Testing does not tell you everything there is to know about a person, however testing is often useful to rule-in or rule-out certain factors. I am NOT a doctor and I CANNOT diagnose any illness or disease. I will however, always look at the big picture, client symptoms, health history, life experiences and life style factors. I will never interpret test results in isolation.

For this reason, I do not feel that it is ethical for me to organise tests for anyone whom I have not spoken directly with. Testing is an investment in your health.

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Funtional Testing can be used to investigate:

  • Nutrient and Metabolism

  • Hormones

  • Digestive Health

  • Liver and Detoxification

  • Genetics

  • Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies

The most popular tests used in my clinical practice as listed below.

Nutrient and Metabolism

Metabolomix+ - analysis of key nutritional biomarkers. Assess need for anti-oxidants, minerals, B vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, digestive support and amino acids. Allows for more precise targeted nutritional therapy for the precise needs of that client.


DUTCH Cycle Mapping – Comprehensive assessment of sex hormones, adrenal function and the entire menstrual cycle. Useful for women trying to conceive, PCOS, suffering with PMS, mood swings, endometriosis or suspected hormonal imbalances.

DUTCH Complete – Comprehensive assessment of sex hormones, adrenal function, organic acids, metabolism. Useful for non-cycling women with suspected hormonal imbalances, irritability, peri-menopause or post menopause.

Thyroid Complete – TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Total T4, Total T3, TPO, Thyroglobulin Antibodies, Reverse T3 (rT3) and T3 uptake

Digestive Health

OAT Organic acid test (also available with DUTCH)

GI360 Stool analysis

GI Map stool analysis


Liver and Detoxification

Toxic elements & metals

Hepatic detox profile


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Oestrogen balance


Histamine intolerance


Thyroid balance

Nervous system

Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies

Lorisian - Food intolerance test

Cyrex – immunology & autoimmunity

The laboratories I frequently use include:

  • Genova diagnostics
  • Biolabs
  • Regnerus
  • Biomnis Eurofins
  • Lorisian
  • Lifecode GX
  • And more……