Oonagh Peters - Nutritional Therapist
Dip. Nut. CNM, mNTOI, mANP.

Phone: Irl (+353) 085 1915 073 UK (+44) 07346023332

As a registered Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant, I am passionate about enjoying food, being social, sharing and enjoying my life with others around me.

I work with both men and women to uncover the root cause of symptoms and enable them feel great again, irrespective of the dis-ease title or diagnosis by they had been given by the health service.

I help both men and women with Osteoarthritis, Sub-Fertility, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes type 2, Disordered Eating, Mood disorders, High Cholesterol, Digestive issues such as; IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Food intolerances, Thyroid, Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as optimising Gut and Brain health (the gut is the second brain, so anxiety, mood disorders, inflammation, depression, stress etc.. ).

My areas of special interest are all things related to female health, mental well-being and some auto-immune conditions. I have supported many women with irregular, painful and challenging Menstrual cycles, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy care, Gestational Diabetes, Sub-Fertility, Post Natal, Menopause, and Thyroid conditions and more.

I work with a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach, combined with functional medicine methods to uncover underlining root causes. Functional medicine methods enable me to do essential testing to understand illness drivers such as hormonal, genetic, metabolic, blood, stool analysis and so on. These are not the typical GP testing, and can serve as a informative platform to begin the healing process for many health conditions. Functional testing is not always essential and it will always be discussed with you before going ahead. I will support and encourage you to rediscover your own intuitive eating skills, and allowing you the space and time to understand how certain foods and eating behaviors can serve your body well, and other behaviors and foods may negatively affect you.
This practice allows healing from within, without going on a diet. Wow!!! Healthy and not dieting…. Radical idea I know. Despite the constant noise from the food and dieting industry, research shows that diets don’t work.
Believe it or not, dieting (weight cycling) can actually increase the risk of gallstone attacks, hypertension, loss of muscle tissue, chronic inflammation, and some forms of cancer such as renal cell carcinoma, endometrial cancer, and non-Hodgkins’s lymphoma. You can be healthy at every size. I am here to serve for your long term health.
My method of working is often a controversial topic in the world of Nutritional Therapy! Most of my college training was focusing on “diets” and “eating cleanly”. But luckily that mindset is changing, albeit slowly but we are getting there.
Personally, I have grown up since my college days, studied independently, researched and trained with health professionals such as psychotherapists, counselors, nurses, GPs, osteopaths, dietitians who really opened my eyes to how real people live and want to live their lives. Nobody wants to be on a restrictive diet for the rest of their life. Happiness doesn’t come from a number on weighing scales, and nor does good health.
I serve clients across the globe, by using online services such as Zoom and Whereby. I love supporting people to reach their health goals in a non-judgmental and holistic manner.
With the right support and education your will be able to cut through the BS about food you’ve read on the internet, ignore fad diets and just eat the food you enjoy and you know that it serves your whole body and mind well. I am also lucky enough to be a very proud mother to wonderful 3 boys, a wife, sister and daughter. I have a supportive nature and get great satisfaction from helping others. When I’m not working, I enjoy being active and being in nature as much as possible. I love hiking, jogging, yoga, dancing (not very well) and horse-riding. All of which I’d like to do much more of.

My journey into nutritional therapy and in particular fertility, began when I experienced some of my own fertility challenges. I genuinely understand what many of my clients are going through. I saw the amazing changes my body went through after making long lasting changes myself. I am now extremely lucky to work with wonderful women and men on their own journeys to optimal health.

Before working in nutritional therapy, I worked in IT services for businesses in both Dublin and London. I have been that person in a corporate environment, who works late in the evenings, and then might head to the pub with some equally dedicated colleagues, for a relaxing drink after a hard day in the office. Several drinks later, we’d find some midnight food, and head home. The next day, of course would be difficult without lots of coffee and sugary snacks to “keep the energy up”. Luckily, I didn’t maintain this lifestyle for long!

Studying nutritional therapy has been one of the most rewarding things that I have done for the health of my family and for myself.
Although, most of the time I eat healthy, nourishing foods, I never feel deprived, or that I’m on a ‘diet’. I have a completely different view of food and my entire lifestyle now. I now see food for what it is. Food is fuel. Shouldn’t the fuel we consume be clean and nourishing? 
In my opinion, healthy eating begins at home and education is key. 
Let me help you to ‘Nourish not Punish’ your body

My Qualifications

  • I have a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. I studied for 3 years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, in London.
  • I am a full member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland, and The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.
  • Membership of the above has strict qualification criteria and insists all its members must carry out ongoing Continual Professional Development training throughout each year.
  • I strongly believe in evidence based nutritional therapy. As part of my Continuing Professional Development, I regularly participate in webinars, attend conferences and seminars both in Ireland and UK, to gain further insight into specialised health topics.

My ethos

We are all biochemically individual and there is not a “One Size Fits All” prescription when it comes to finding true health. 
Health for me, means being happy and have the energy to enjoy your life.  

Despite the widely held belief within the medical community and general population that a higher BMI causes poor health, data do not support this link. The risk for mortality is highest for people with BMI < 18.5 (underweight) and BMIs >35 (obese II) , but the lowest for people with BMI 25 to >30 (overweight), and the risk of those with BMI 18.5 to <25 (average weight) and BMIs 30 to 35 (obese I) is comparable to and falls between the other groups. I have seen and experienced first hand, how dismissive medical professionals treat you even if you are a few pounds over overweight. If you don’t “fit” in the “normal” BMI range then whatever is wrong with you can often be dismissed as “weight related”. Therefore a diet maybe suggested to reduce the joint pressure, headaches, infertility, PMS, PCOS, menopausal symptoms, mood disorders and so on.  This is Weight Stigma, and the weight-normative approach to health care.
The weight inclusive approach is the opposite to weight-normative approach, meaning weight is never the focal point for care. Weight isn’t viewed as a behaviour, but eating nutritious food when hungry, ceasing to eat when full, and engaging in pleasurable exercise are self-care behaviours that can be made more accessible to people.

In our modern world we can often fail to listen to our body’s messages when we are in dis-ease. Instead we might take a pill, to turn off the pain and there can be a disconnect between our body and our brain. 

If we take the time to listen to our bodies, acknowledge the signs and symptoms, treat ourselves well and provide the body with the nourishment it requires, we can enable healing.

I work with clients to find the root cause to their health complications, identifying the triggers and drivers, and then working to reduce this over time and re-establish health and vitality. 
I often work alongside medical and other healthcare professionals, including other complementary therapists. For clients who are on medication or undergoing any kind of medical treatment, they must speak with their doctor or consultant, before taking any supplements or making significant changes to their diet.
I only recommend nutritional supplements to clients who I believe need them to support their body to reach homeostasis. More often than not, taking multiple supplements will be for a short term. Supplements give the body a boost of the required/suspected low levels of nutrients but normally I aim to work with foods over pills. However, due to current food processing and farming methods it’s not always possible to get all you need through foods, but that will always be my aim.
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