Weight-inclusive approach…..

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I work with a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach, combined with functional medicine methods to uncover underlining root causes.
In addition, I will support and encourage you to rediscover your own intuitive eating skills, allowing you the space and time to understand how certain foods and eating behaviours can serve your body well, and other behaviours and foods may negatively affect you.
This practice allows healing from within, without going on a diet. Wow!!! Healthy and not dieting…. Radical idea I know.

Dieting (weight cycling) can actually increase the risk of

Eating Freely - Senior Nutritional Therapist

In addition to running my own busy clinic, I am proud to work as a Senior Nutritional Therapist with ‘Eating Freely’.
“Eating Freely” is a 12 week 1:1 programme for emotional eating and binge eating disorder. The structured programme is both personal and comprehensive, developed by leading psychotherapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Emma Murphy.
Emma has worked with women and men for over 10 years who struggle with food, weight and their body image, especially those with disordered eating.

Binge Eating disorder is an extremely complicated challenge and it’s only recently been recognised.

eating freely


The program is based on the Three ‘F’s :

Feed Yourself Properly;

Forgive Yourself Quickly; and

Focus on Health & Wellbeing, not weight loss, as the goal.

 For more information on the Eating Freely programme please get in touch or visit the Eating Freely website  to arrange a complimentary session with the Emma, the founder.

Approximately 30% of people seeking weight loss, fit the criteria for binge eating disorder

My thoughts on weight loss

While I am happy to work with clients who would like to lose body fat, I will always work on healing from the inside out, without focusing on weight loss as a goal.
Focusing on weight loss solely can be detrimental to overall wellness and prevent us from really listening to our body needs. I encourage clients to find their true health in other areas such as energy, sleep, mood, physical activities, memory and concentration, digestive functions and others that are relevant to your story. When working with me, you will get plenty of opportunities through both mindful and written exercises to tune in to your mind and body.

Together we will gently work through eating behaviours, emotional needs, nutrition, body movement, barriers to changing and reducing stress, among other things that might come up in sessions.

Diets set us up for feeling deprived - the feeling of "I can't have"

Don’t let the number on a scale define your self-worth!

You are good enough the way you are.

Don’t put your life on hold, until you reach the “ideal” weight. Do it today. Live your life. There is no perfect weight…

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Separating Weight from Health

A massive bugbear of mine!!! The war on obesity, the fat phobia, body shaming…. All so much blame on the person. As if someone in a larger body is selfish, greedy, lazy, has no self-esteem, no determination or will power.


Should weight loss & exercise be linked?

In short, NO. Surprise to most PTs out there.