Functional Testing

For chronic conditions or lingering symptoms, my motto is Test, Don’t Guess!

Diagnostics tests, including specimen requirements and kit instructions are usually sent directly to your home.
Please note, functional testing is not for diagnostic purposes. I am NOT a doctor, and CANNOT treat or diagnose any illness or disease.
I can only interpret test results from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective, enabling clients to understand the nutrient / lifestyle factors that may be contributing to feeling unwell.

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Functional testing can be used to investigate:

Nutritient and Metabolism


Digestive Health

Liver and Detoxification


Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies

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The most popular tests used in my clinical practice as listed below.

Nutrient and Metabolism

Metabolomix+ - analysis of key nutritional biomarkers. Assess need for anti-oxidants, minerals, B vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, digestive support and amino acids. Allows for more precise targeted nutritional therapy for the precise needs of that client.


DUTCH Cycle Mapping – Comprehensive assessment of sex hormones, adrenal function and the entire menstrual cycle. Useful for women trying to conceive, PCOS, suffering with PMS, mood swings, endometriosis or suspected hormonal imbalances.

DUTCH Complete – Comprehensive assessment of sex hormones, adrenal function, organic acids, metabolism. Useful for non-cycling women with suspected hormonal imbalances, irritability, peri-menopause or post menopause.

Thyroid Complete – TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Total T4, Total T3, TPO, Thyroglobulin Antibodies, Reverse T3 (rT3) and T3 uptake

Digestive Health

OAT Organic acid test (available with DUTCH testing too)

GI360 Stool analysis


Liver and Detoxification

Toxic metals

Hepatic detox profile


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Oestrogen balance


Histamine intolerance


Thyroid balance

Nervous system

Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies

Lorisian - Food intolerance test

Cyrex – immunology & autoimmunity


The laboratories I frequently use include:

  • Lifecode GX
  • Biolabs
  • Regnerus
  • Lorisan
  • And many more……

Testing does not tell you everything there is to know about a person. Often testing is useful to rule-in or rule-out certain factors. I always look at the big picture, client symptoms, health history, life experiences and life style factors. I will never interpret test results in isolation.

For this reason, I do not feel that it is ethical for me to organise tests for anyone whom I have not spoken directly with. Testing is an investment in your health.

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