Boosting your fertility programmes

Boosting your fertility programmes



What will you get from a Fertility Programme?
Whether you are at the beginning your journey to motherhood or you have been ‘trying’ to conceive for sometime, my personalised programmes can help you to maximise your chances of a successful pregnancy.
Learn more about your body, how to optimise your health and maximise your chances of conceiving with nutrition and lifestyle support

What you eat can have a significant impact on your fertility AND the health of your baby from early development into adulthood

Feed, prepare and nourish the soil before sowing the seed – that’s what a farmer does before planting crops, right?! So why don’t we nourish ourselves before becoming pregnant? Male & Female fertility rates are reducing. About 1 in 7 couples have difficulties conceiving. There are so many influencing factors but there is no 1-rule-fits-all when it comes to health and fertility. 

We are all biochemically individual, from our brain function to our gut bacteria. No two people are exactly the same.  That’s where personalised health and nutritional therapy can really help!

I thoroughly cover the aspects of life that support or may be hampering a healthy conception and maintaining a healthy ongoing pregnancy.
I educate and empower you by providing the tools needed to make informed decisions and explore the many avenues to be explored to maximise fertility.

Programmes are tailored to your own very personal and individual set of circumstances. These may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Weekly support check-in to reflect & observe challenges
  • Weekly topics
  • Motivation techniques
  • Ongoing progress support
  • Fertility foods – getting it right
  • Recipes, cooking and shopping tips
  • Tips and tricks on managing cravings, never feeling deprived or restricted
  • Nourishing alternatives and food swaps, without eliminating food groups
  • Further lab testing – that are not often offered by GP / IVF clinics
  • Discussions regarding test results
  • Always knowing the next step in your journey
  • Understanding assisted reproductive options (if applicable)
Many clients will benefit from specialised testing such as hormones, genetics, nutrient status, gut health screening, stool analysis and so much more.
Programme Pricing and further information

Platinum Programme: Weekly support for 1 year (***most popular & suitable if you have been trying to conceive 1 year+, low AMH, poor egg quality, been told to have IVF, using donor eggs, or has PCOS, Endo, fibroids)
includes 14 sessions (2 x 60-90 minute initial session & 12 x 55 minute sessions) 
€995 / £950 payable in full or 3 installments 
Gold Programme: includes 7 sessions, over the course of 15 weeks to 6 months
(1 x 60-90 minute initial session and 6 x 45 minute sessions)

€495 / £450 and is payable in full or 2 installments


Silver Programme: includes 4 sessions, over 8 to 13 weeks
(recommended for male partners & women wanting to learn more about a healthy conception)
(1 x 60-75 minute initial session and 3 x 45 minute sessions)

The cost of the programme is just €295 / £265 and is payable in full before first session.

Due to the nature and sensitivity of fertility challenges, I do not offer group sessions. I encourage both male and female partners to do a programme separately. 

I am available for free no obligation conversations every Monday from 5pm to 7pm. If you’d like to learn more just give me a call during this time. If this time doesn’t suit, email, text or WhatsApp me to arrange an alternative time.
If I’m unavailable, just leave a message and I’ll call you straight back. 
These calls usually take about 20 minutes and are used to determine if we are a good fit for each other, and make sure I can in fact support you. 

085 1915073 Ireland – 0734 0623332 UK –

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